Bath Trouble

Pucky isn't like the rest of the pigs. Instead of playing in the muddy swamp, Pucky likes to take nice, warm baths. But there's a problem with the pipes and Pucky needs your help to fill his bath back up! Help Pucky by scaring away those pesky pipe intruders that are interrupting his bath. Find the correct tool to fix the broken pipes and get the water flowing again. Please help Pucky finish his bath!

Bath Trouble

  • Adventure
  • 5-7+

Bath Trouble gameplay

The mission

To gather as much fireflies as possible in a shortest amount of time.


Main firefly Small fireflies small colorful worms.

Basic instructions

Jump on the fireflies and the glowing warms in the back. you can work in groups to gather them faster.

Score system

Main firefly - 10 points firefly- 5 points, worms - 3 points.

Game duration

3 min. per stage, infinit game.

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